Supporting Product Development through Cross-Discipline Dependency-Modeling – Novel Approaches for Traceability-Usage
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Abstract—Driven by markets’ competitiveness, new products have to permanently integrate innovations and higher functionality. Products are getting more complex, borders of subsystems become increasingly blurred, and unexpected interdependencies between subsystems emerge. Hence developers have difficulties maintaining their necessary understanding of the system. An approach helping to handle the interdependencies of complex systems is traceability, where dependencies being implicitly known to some developers are modeled explicitly. This paper presents the key findings of two surveys addressing traceability between system models conducted among German companies. The addressed research topic is the investigation of opportunities for supporting product development by making use of traceability. Novel methods for traceability usage are elaborated and evaluated by a prototypical proof of concept.

Index Terms— dependency modeling, traceability usage, house of quality, progress monitoring

Cite: Grischa Beier, Asmus Figge, Robert Müller, Uwe Rothenburg, and Rainer Stark, "Supporting Product Development through Cross-Discipline Dependency-Modeling – Novel Approaches for Traceability-Usage," Lecture Notes on Information Theory, Vol.1, No.1, pp. 21-28, March 2013. doi: 10.12720/lnit.1.1.21-28


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