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A Novel Algorithm Based on 2D Packing Algorithm BFD for Timeslots Assignment in MF-TDMA System

Sheng Dai and Chong Shen
Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan, China
Abstract—This paper presents a periodic heuristic algorithm to solve the timeslots assignment problem of multi-terminals in MF-TDMA system with star topology. The goal is to design an algorithm that allows the processing of a given traffic profile with some constraints and a maximum utilization of the total frequency channel capacity, using the minimum spectrum bandwidth. The MF-TDMA system is viewed as a collection of bins, and then the resource assignment problem for the uplink becomes combinatorialoptimization problem which can be seen as a two-dimensional (2D) dynamic bin-packing problem with additional constraints. In the paper, the RCP-fit and the Best-Fit-Decreasing algorithms are integrated as a basis, which is added some additional restrictions. Through the experiment and simulation compared with existing algorithm, the proposed heuristic algorithm can improve the utilization of limited timeslot resources.

Index Terms—MF-TDMA, 2D packing, radio resource management, timeslots assignment

Cite: Sheng Dai and Chong Shen, "A Novel Algorithm Based on 2D Packing Algorithm BFD for Timeslots Assignment in MF-TDMA System," Lecture Notes on Information Theory, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 48-51, June 2015. doi: 10.18178/lnit.3.1.48-51
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