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Location Based and Contextual Services Using Bluetooth Beacons: New Way to Enhance Customer Experience

Nilima A. Dudhane and Sanjeevkumar T. Pitambare
TechMahindra Ltd, Pune, India
Abstract—Location based services and context enables innovative models of running business by adding tremendous value to the customers “in-location” experience and can extend the company’s digital interactions with the consumers. Indoor spaces often block cell signals and also make it nearly impossible to track customer’s indoor activities via existing technologies like GPS, RFID and Cellular tower triangulation etc.All these limitations in the existing technologies can be addressed using Bluetooth Beacons. Using beacons, retailers can optimize customer experiences, improve business processes and generate more revenue. Retailers and telecommunication service providers can do the partnerships with each other to rationalize customer experience and loyalty providing personalize offers and suggestions to loyal customers, empower sales associates and enhance in-store shopping experience of customer. Beacons have the ability to engage customers in the right place at the right time while offering utility and value. In this paper, authors have proposed, how Bluetooth beacons can be beneficial to retailers in terms of customer analytics, operational analytics and revenue improvement along with partnering with service providers to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Index Terms—bluetooth beacons, bluetooth low energy 4.0(ble), enhance customer experience and loyalty, customer analytics, operational analytics, location based and contextual services

Cite: Nilima A. Dudhane and Sanjeevkumar T. Pitambare, "Location Based and Contextual Services Using Bluetooth Beacons: New Way to Enhance Customer Experience," Lecture Notes on Information Theory, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 31-34, June 2015. doi: 10.18178/lnit.3.1.31-34
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