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Security Impacts of Rotating a Cluster Headamong Trustworthy Nodes on Wireless Sensor Networks

Gicheol Wang and Eulho Chung
Agency for Defense Development, UAV Systems PMO, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Abstract—In a clustered sensor network, a CH (Cluster Head) plays a role of local data collector and deliverer of the collected data to the sink. That is the reason why we should protect a CH election process from internal and external attackers. Even though many schemes for the protection of CH election have been proposed, there has been little attention to compromise of CHs during the data forward phase. However, if we rotate a CH role among members during the data forward phase, we can reduce the data volume exposed to attackers even though a CH is compromised. In this paper, we propose a scheme which rotates a CH role among trustworthy members as well as protects a CH election. Our security analyses show that our scheme reduces CH role duration time of compromised CHs and consequently the data volume that the compromised CHs can obtain. Besides, our performance analysis shows that our scheme outperforms a rival scheme in terms of communication and computation overheads.

Index Terms—secure cluster head election, rotation-based cluster head election, secure cluster formation, wirelesssensor network

Cite: Gicheol Wang and Eulho Chung, "Security Impacts of Rotating a Cluster Headamong Trustworthy Nodes on Wireless Sensor Networks," Lecture Notes on Information Theory, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 208-213, September 2014. doi: 10.12720/lnit.2.3.208-213
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